Learn more about the unique benefits of Postmechanics which constitute a different way of thinking about social data intelligence and synthesis.

Set up is easy

You can set up your account in minutes. Define the pages you want to measure and mark your primary page and your competition. Then set your objectives. A successful social media strategy can only be measured against your objectives.

The big picture

Which of your metrics are healthy? Which need more work? How are you performing against your objectives? You can have a look at your current situation and your progress in comparison with that of your competitors.

Stream of posts

The posts and comments on all the pages that you follow. You can tag them and add sentiment.


The platform selects and computes signals and identifies the most meaningful events that can drive decisions. Everything is performed in the background and you are relieved of complex processes that are difficult to repeat over and over again. Powerful artificial intelligence algorithms produce the stream of events at your disposal so that you can take subsequent action.


No social media analysis software does what you want it to do. They do not tell you what to do with the information. Dashboards do not produce insights. Postmechanics is different. It presents you with valuable strategies that are triggered by the corresponding events and are carefully curated for you so that you can act on the events.

Essential business questions

The platform assembles the signals that answer your business questions and that drive your decisions.


It resembles a game, right? You start in an initial state and your actions, your posts and comments, bring about new states. Your competitors play too. The process is open-ended. The goal is to get noticed, to gain exposure, engagement and fans. The ultimate goal is to achieve your business objectives. The post is the core mechanic, in other words the main interaction of the game, and here you have all the elements that you need in order to post: the strategies that you have saved and that address the events that were triggered, your healthy metrics, your not-so-healthy metrics, the latest posts, the best posts, as well as the recent points you and your competitors have gained. Now you can intelligently act on the data!

Wherever you are

Glance at your phone or your tablet and carry the information with you. Postmechanics provides an optimal user experience by responding to the user’s screen size, platform and orientation.

Interested in learning more about Postmechanics?

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